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From the New York Times to The Daily Gleaner, we've had quite a few articles written about us over the years!

"What's For Lunch? Go See the Cart Lady of the Bronx Courthouses"


"Her signature jerk chicken dish is made from fresh halal chicken, and her lentil, spinach and mushroom stew from pricey portobellos. In summer, the squashes, scallions, leeks and herbs she uses come from farmers markets..."

"The Jerk Chicken Queen of the Bronx"


"With the help of her daughter and husband, Fauzia makes her famous jerk chicken three times a week, and finishes it with her homemade jerk sauce that she makes with pimiento and scotch bonnet peppers, plus a host of other ingredients..."

"Taste the Caribbean on this Bustling Bronx Corner"


"But get closer to the cart on the corner of East 161st Street and Concourse Village West and Fauzia Abdur-Rahman’s titling voice breaks through the street noise, while smells of the Caribbean—simmering rice and beans, codfish fritters, jerk chicken—draw you closer to her cart, Fauzia’s Heavenly Delights..."

Photo By Daniel Kwak

Photo by Daniel Kwak

Weekend Market
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